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Store Policies

Appointment Cancelation + No-Show Policy

Clients with a scheduled appointment must provide a minimum 24-hour notice in order to cancel or reschedule an appointment without penalty. Failure to provide 24-hour notice will result in a non-waivable, non-refundable $50.00 fee.


Late Arrival Policy

Any client who arrives 15 minutes beyond a designated appointment time is subject to forfeiture of their appointment at the discretion of the treating aesthetician. If the treating aesthetician determines there is insufficient time to complete scheduled service(s) thoroughly and adequately, the appointment will need to be rescheduled. Furthermore, the appointment will be documented as a “late cancelation” which incurs a non-waivable, non-refundable $50.00 fee.

Please note, this policy does include late arrivals for clients who are part of our monthly membership program. 


Refund Policy

YNG Aesthetics Lounge enforces a "NO REFUNDS" policy for medical spa services. This policy also applies to discounted medical spa services that have been purchased as part of a package and/or monthly special. All services purchased as part of a package receive a 10-20% discount off the total package price and are considered a discounted medical spa service (discount rates for monthly specials may vary for both individual services and/or as part of a package plan).

I understand that I have the right to refuse or stop treatment at any time, but that no refunds will be provided on a single session and/or pre-paid packages once payment is made.

  • This includes:

    • the total value of any unused treatment sessions remaining in the purchased package

    • dissatisfaction with the results of the treatment(s)

Please be advised, the total dollar value of any unused treatment sessions (individual OR remaining package sessions) may only be applied as store credit toward other medical spa services. 


Return/Exchange Policy

If a retail product causes a negative/adverse skin reaction, or if the retail product is deemed defective, retail product(s) may be returned/exchanged within 14 days of purchase. In order to process a return/exchange, the retail product must be deemed as "gently used" by a YNG staff member. Proper documentation regarding the details of the purchase must be provided by the customer in order to complete a refund/exchange request.


Aesthetician Availability Policy

For certain unforeseen circumstances, we may not always be able to accommodate your request for a specific aesthetician. However, we will always have a licensed skincare specialist ready to step in to provide the scheduled service if need be. In fact, YNG encourages our clients to take advantage of all of our service providers and their various specialities. Please be advised, refunds for monthly membership fees ARE NOT permitted if you are unable to schedule your monthly service with a preferred aesthetician due to his/her limited availability that month.


Appointment/ Membership Modification Policy

If necessary, YNG reserves the right to modify appointment dates/times due to emergencies, maintenance and/or malfunction of med spa equipment as well as make any necessary changes to the membership program, at which time all members will be notified of said changes. While we aim to avoid this, we do appreciate your cooperation and understanding in advance.

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